2017.01Relocation of the company to a new building (Incheon)
Development of BF Drill
2013.121 Million Export Award
2013.03Development of CMN Drill
2009.03Development of Space Drill


2008.12Establishment of company R&D center
2008.08Change of company name to BPK Co.,Ltd.
2008.06Acquisition of carbide coating patent
2007.06Registration as a venture enterprise
Acquisition of ISO9001, ISO14001
2007.03Acquisition of design registration
Acquisition of B11 Drill patent
Registration as an eco-friendly company
2007.01Acquisition of utility model
2006.10Application of Top Solid CAD and Cam System
2006.08Production of Aluminum Cutter
2005.12Registration as internet trading company
2005.05Production of MEC Cutter
2005.03Development of B1 Drill
2004.10Production of Spade Drill
2004.02Registration as a high-tech molding company
2003.03Production of Chamfer Milling Cutter
2000.04Change of company name to BP Korea


1999.04Production of Boring Bar
1995.10Production of End Mill Cutter
1994.04Production of Helical Cutter
1993.08Production of Ball Cutter
1993.04Application of CAD, CAM, DNC system to production


1988.03Production of Square Shoulder Milling Cutter
1988.01Establishment of Korea Precision